Graduating from college is one thing but doing medical research and study is another. We all know that college is already expensive but the word expensive is an understatement when pursuing medicine. We all know how expensive and rough medical school gets.

But the thing is, no matter how hard and expensive medical school is, some people are just passionate in pursuing this field. This is why to further promote academic competency and achievement, several institutions and private individuals are giving away scholarship grants to those who wish to continue their studies as long as they are meet the requirements of a scholarship programs or they are qualified.

These scholarship programs vary from institutions and private individuals. This is meant to aid students financially through- out the course of their studies. Actually, there are more than 120 medicine scholarship, fellowships and grants for the Filipino students that are being offered here in our country. Listed below are some of the scholarship programs you can apply to.

List of Medicine Scholarships

  1. La Salle Financial Assistance Grant – Guarantees full funding international scholarship through the De La Salle University. This scholarship is open to applicants of the Philippines.
  2. Asian Development Bank (ADB) – Japan Scholarship Program – Grants full funding for international scholarship for international students. This scholarship is available at any participating academic institutions in the Asian and Pacific Region.
  3. British Council – IELTS Award, 2018 – Grants partial funding for Bachelors and Masters. This scholarship is open for all nationalities.
  4. Science For Humanitarian Emergencies & Resilience (SHEAR) Research Program – This scholarship grants full funding for post- doctoral degree holder. However, this program only funds research that contributes to knowledge and evidence to enhance the resilience of sub Saharan- African and South Asian people against natural hazards.
  5. CRI Irvington Postdoctoral Fellowship – Guarantees full funding for research that are related to cancer immunology. This scholarship is open for all nationalities.


For more scholarship programs, visit WeMakeScholars’ website.

Source: WeMakeScholar