While many students are very ambitious and aims to get as many degrees as possible, the case of having a multiple degree is not really that attainable. Although a dual degree is attainable. An introduction, a Dual Degree requires students to enroll in two separates schools or universities to complete two different programs at the same time. Being a student of one program alone requires a lot of work how much more if it’s a double or triple program and with different universities nonetheless!

That is why in September of 217, the American University (AU) located in Washington, DC in partnership with Ritsumeikan University (RU) of Tokyo, Japan collaborated to make a joint undergraduate degree program as a response to the dual degree’s dilemma. A Joint degree program is a single degree program that has one curriculum designed and offered by two universities.

Having a dual degree is not very advisable as students may find it very challenging because each institutions has different requirements for different subjects and more than half of the student’s taken subjects will not credited so students will need to repeat it.



It is very common among universities to require that half of the subjects in the curriculum will be particularly taken in their site to receive credits and that would mean an increase in the load of classes the students will have to take to finish the degree of their choice.

However, the students who will join the joint degree program will not only be learning international relations theory but they will get the chance to put all the skills they learned into practice through the integrated design of the curriculum and of course, with the help and support of the faculty staff and personnel of both institutions.

Many people may find dual degree and joint degree a bit confusing, a dual program can be very difficult to navigate and it will prolong the student’s completion of the degree programs they chose. With the joint degree program, the AU and RU expected the interest of students to reinvigorate and improve their chance of success.

Source: University World News