College education keeps getting more and more expensive as time goes by. The tuition alone cost more than a month of an average worker’s salary not to mention other necessities like books, school bag, notebooks, papers, transportation budget, meal budget, and those things that the school will require you to pay like a specimen of a specific animal and much more.

These humungous expenses are the reason why more than half of the population are dropping out of college or deciding not to enter it in the first place. If those people are ever given an option, of course they would choose to study. However, poverty hinders them from pursuing the opportunities that lies after college graduation.

This is why to help Filipino students who struggles in their way to college, many private sectors, personalities, and the government launched several scholarship programs that will assist students in their financial problems and fund their way into college. Lucky are those with Filipino heritage because they have the advantage in receiving these scholarship grants. Listed below are scholarships Filipino students can apply to.

Largest Scholarship Programs

  1. Reverend Juan Callao Scholarship – This scholarship grants up to 650 USD or up to 32,500 pesos financial aid for students.
  2. and Mrs. David A. Stadtner Scholarship – Grants up to 500 USD or 25,000 pesos financial aid.
  3. Elizabeth M. Humbargar Memorial Scholarship – Grants up to 500 USD or 25,000 pesos financial aid.

Other scholarship program includes:

  • Marta Callao Scholarship
  • Kalsbeek Scholarship – Kuyper College
  • Filipino- American Scholarship
  • Dian and Andy Lopez Scholarship
  • Philippine Medical Association of West Virginia Scholarship
  • Niermeyer Foundation Scholarship


These are just some of the largest scholarship program that assist students and promotes academic achievement in the Filipino Community.

Disclaimer: Many of the scholarship mentioned in this post are for students attending a specific university. You may check you eligibility on the fastweb website. You may also apply in that website.

Source: Fastweb