South Korea has been the most talked about country in this generation. Mostly because of Korean dramas and music that reached people all over the world making them go crazy over oppas and noonas. But of course, our beloved oppas and noonas are just one thing. South Korea is a very beautiful country with lots of tourist spots to boast and not to mention their rich heritage and culture that have been preserved over the years.

And so, many people would either like to travel or live in this wonderful country. Are you one of the many people who wished to visit this country but do not have the means to do so? Well, you’re in luck because The Korean Government Scholarship Program may be the answer to your wishes.

The Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) give their support to those who have the potential to be the future global leaders and advocates international cooperation by giving those with talent an opportunity to study at higher educational institutions in Korea.

What are the perks of applying for the KGSP?
Well, aside from the obvious fact that you’ll get to visit the beautiful country of Korea, here are the benefits that you will get once you become an official KGSP receiver.
1. Airfare Round Trip Ticket (Economy Class)
2. 900,000 Korean Won allowance per month. (Equivalent to 852.51 US Dollars)
3. 210,000 KRW (193.54 USD) for scholars who pursues the field of humanities and social sciences, and 240,000 KRW (221.18 USD) for scholars in the natural and mechanic sciences field (Only for Graduate programs)
4. Upon arriving in South Korea, you will receive 200,000 KRW (184.32 USD) worth of settlement allowance
5. Full course of Language Training in full coverage
6. All your admission fees are waived by the host institutions or university and the tuition is covered by NIIED and the university
7. A reimbursement of 500,000 to 800,000 KRW (460- 737 USD) depending on the actual cost of the dissertation printing for Graduate programs.
8. 20,000 KRW (18.43 USD) of medical insurance per month
9. 100,000 KRW (92.17USD) allowance for scholars with TOPIK level 5 or 6 for Korean Proficiency Grants

Pretty cool huh? What are you waiting for? Go and apply now! For more info please visit their website below.

Source: Pinoy Seoul