Many of us struggle with communicating using the English language especially those whose native language has no likeliness with this language. However, we all know the importance of learning to converse using this language since most people can be reached using this.

English was labeled as the international language. Chances are, if you have the confidence and skills in speaking in English, you’ll be likely to open more opportunities from all over the world be it in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and many more.

As a matter of fact, most Asian countries like the Philippines considered English as a secondary language. But, knowing the basics of the English language is not enough. You have to actually learn to use it to communicate. But how are you going to do that? To help you with this problem, I listed some tips that can help you improve your English speaking skill.

How to improve your English speaking skills

Tip 1: Read a lot of English books – Reading the dictionary will bore you to death so I suggest that you read a lot of English novels that interest you, preferably fiction while keeping a dictionary next to you to help you know the meaning of words you can’t understand.

Tip 2: Watch a lot English movies – Reading a book will only improve your vocabulary. You need to watch more English movies, series, or cartoons to help you in the delivery of English words and phrases.

Tip 3: Imitate – Copy how the speaker delivers the words.

Tip 4: Adopt the words – If you successfully deliver the words like the speakers, proceed to adopting the speaker’s words and saying it in your own words. For example, the speaker said, “I’m from Canada and I miss my family.” You will turn his words into yours by saying, “He’s from Canada and he misses his family.”

Tip 5: Tell the whole story in your point of view – The last step is to tell everything using your own words and understanding. By telling the whole content of a book or describing scenes from a movie, you most likely improved not only your vocabulary but also your sentence construction, grammar, and many more that are essential in communicating in English.