As a student, we learn too much information in one sitting. One regular school day means learning 8 or more subjects in a day. This is why in most cases, many students fail one subject after another and worse, they’ll fail all of it. This is because the educational system force too much on the student’s brain that they are having trouble where to put their focus in.

But, this kind of system has been around for too long and the only thing students can do about it is to adjust and adapt with this kind of rigorous and harsh learning system. One thing a student can do is to strategize a plan for studying or establish a study habit. To help you further, listed below is tips in drawing a study habit.

How to make a study habit

  1. Drop the pressure – Always aiming to be on top is all good until you feel the pressure it puts on your shoulder. Do not be swallowed by the pressure and make yourself comfortable in studying. Also, if possible, try to enjoy it too.
  2. Find your style – Be comfortable but not too comfortable that you’ll neglect your studies. Find out what kind of study style works for you.
  3. Prioritize – Know your priorities. Always do what’s more important than the rest. For example, choose to do your homework before watching the television.
  4. Manage your time wisely – Draw a time table and follow it. Allocate time for family, friends, leisure, and study. Always keep it balanced.
  5. Discipline – Maintain discipline within yourself and always follow your schedule diligently. Respect your own decisions and I assure you that you will reap the rewards. Free yourself from the distractions and learn how to overcome your anxiety, stress, and procrastination. Remember, being lazy will do you no good so eradicate the word procrastination in your vocabulary.