Many people gets confused about their passion. The problem is that we focus too much on believing that being passionate at something means being passionate at only one thing which is definitely wrong. You can actually be passionate for many things at once like dancing and drawing, farming and constructing, and so on.

But the struggle is finding your cup of tea. Since the internet already creates artificial happiness for a short while, we get lost in believing that we don’t have anything that triggers our passion except that we love the internet. So how can you get the feeling of pure satisfaction by doing the things you love? How do you know what are the things that makes you truly satisfied? How do you know what you are passionate about? Listed below are things that you can do to find your passion.

Tips in finding your Passion

  1. Do not be lazy – The most important thing is your will to get up and look for activities that will interest you.
  2. Find your interest – Find out what are the activities that will interest you. You can actually search on Google the list of hobbies.
  3. List down the hobbies – After looking for the list of hobbies, write down everything that caught your interest.
  4. Try them out – The next thing you need to do is try these things out for a short while. You will eventually realize what are the things that can make you forget about being tired and the things that you can actually enjoy. The trick is to try all of them and narrow it down.
  5. Make this a habit – The last step is turning this practice into a habit. To be able to turn something into passion, you need to do it as often as you could so you can familiarize yourself with the basic of your chosen hobby. What comes next will be automatic. Once you realize that this activity makes you happy, you will start searching for it and actually try to things that are related to it.


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