We may tend to over evaluate ourselves when it comes to skills competency. It’s normal for us humans.  However, the “normal for human” argument is not always true. Most people over analyze their skills but in reality, they are the same people who are incompetent in the field of language, emotional stability, mathematics, and etc.

Since we already have an insight about why those who are incompetent in nature are the one who talks too much, and we are aware that no one is safe from this phenomena, you might want to check these tips to help you improve your personality.

The tips that are mentioned here are not “cures” because this phenomena is not merely a disease which one can simply get rid of. However, these tips can help you to evaluate yourself more accurately and it can also show you the true value of your skills or ability. So, what can you do to figure out how good at you in your craft?

Tips in knowing the value of your ability

  1. Ask for Feedback – Asking feedback from friends, family, or even strangers will help you see what you lack and what your strengths are.
  2. Keep an open mind – Keeping an open mind is very important. Your goal is to shed light on your incompetency and find a way to fix them so accepting honest answers whether it is negative and offending will help you find out more about your skills.
  3. Keep learning – Learning is an infinite process. To be able to improve you must learn first. So striving on acquiring new knowledge about things that involves you crafts will be a great advantage for you if you’re pursuing improvement.
  4. Test your knowledge – Apply the feedback you get and see what difference it makes.
  5. Never make the same mistake – If you are able to improve based on other people’s constructive criticism, and then never repeat what you did ever again. This guarantees continuous learning that will lead to mastering your craft and lessen your mistakes.

Source: Ted-Ed