This is for the students who will be taking the next step in their school life. Advancing into senior high school may be a bit difficult for Grade 10 students because in senior high school, standard and quality of curriculum will drastically change from what we experience being in our early high school life because senior high school prepares you for the no-sleep, difficult and miserable college life (I’m kidding, but not really). With that said, let me tell you what is senior high school or shs.

First and foremost, what is senior high school? Senior High School (SHS) covers the last two years of your high school life which is Grade 11 and Grade 12 wherein students will go through drastic change through a core curriculum and subjects under a track or program of your choice.

What does SHS offers that the regular 4 years of high school does not have? Senior high school has eight (8) learning areas besides the regular curriculum and add specific programs like in college wherein college students gets to pick their courses and it is based on four (4) disciplines namely; Academic, Technical- Vocational- Livelihood, Sports, and Arts and Design.

Four Principles of SHS


  1. Academic – Academic discipline includes Business, Science and Engineering, Humanities and Social Science, and a General Academic strand)
  2. Technical- Vocational- Livelihood – Technical-Vocational- Livelihood are courses with highly specialized subjects based on TESDA qualifications.
  3. Sports – This gives you and insight of the basic principles and technique in relation to physical education and recreation.
  4. Arts and Design – This will prepare you as you explore the world of design, performance, and creative industry.

Taking additional years in high school also has its benefits like;

  • SHS graduates are employable (although some company may refuse SHS graduates but, the chances are high.)
  • You can get work while experience while studying.
  • Standard requirements will be processed for you to make sure you are hireable.
  • You can apply for TESDA Certificates of Competency or COCs and National Certificates or NCs to provide you with a lot of work opportunities.
  • Opportunities for Tech-Voc graduates will be offered from different companies.
  • You will be taught of Entrepreneurship that gives you an advantage in case you want to go in a business venture.

    Source: DepEd