Are you the type of person who would always tell yourself to do things at a later time? The type who would harass the snooze button of your alarm clock? The type who would tell himself to study then forgetting about it? The type who would always tell himself that he will work out next week that will eventually turn into next month and then next year?  Or are you the type of person who keeps pilling up dishes because you make excuses not do it immediately?

If your answer for all of those questions is yes, then you are undoubtedly a procrastinator. Everyone has a procrastinator side even successful people. No one can really say that they completely got over procrastinating. The question is how are you going to get rid of this negative habit?  To help you in this dilemma, I listed some tips that you can do to throw the procrastination out of your life for good (until you practice these habits).

How to stop Procrastination

Tip 1: The 3 2 1 Trick – This is the trick I learned from a Youtube channel called Improvement Pill. This trick works like magic, at least for me. Whenever you are faced in a task that you don’t really want to do immediately like washing the dishes, taking out the trash and so on, start counting from 3 2 1 and then drop everything and do the task.

Tip 2: Do a minute routine – This technique suggested that doing the thing for a minute everyday will lessen laziness. Usually, when doing a task that we would take more than 30 minutes, we start to feel lazy about it even without staring. So the trick goes like this, if you want to work out but you’re too lazy to do so, do the task for 60 seconds every day until you gather enough motivation to do it fully for more or less than an hour.

Tip 3: Make this into a habit – Last but never the least, always make this into a habit. Form a routine using these tips. That way, you can maintain the balance in your work and leisure lifestyle.