So, you are either entering college or already in college (then I’m sure you share my sentiments). To be perfectly honestly, entering college is like entering the war of the Spartan movie, 300. The only difference is you are not the main character, you are one of those soldiers who fights to survive and still dies (I’m kidding, but not really).

In short, college life is like the purgatory of hardships and miseries along with sleepless nights and days (because let’s face it, we endure being awake for more than 48 hours to meet a deadline), coffee intoxication, stressful deadlines, terror profs, missed meals, and etc. Does this post discourage you? Don’t be. Know why? Because this hell will someday lead you to success.

Actually, this post isn’t about how hard college life is. In this post, I will be sharing with you guys, some effective ways that you can do to avoid or lessen stress in dealing with college. Note that all of this are based on my personal experience and are practiced by yours truly. So without further ado, let’s start with my top 5 advice

Dealing with College: 5 ways to cope

  1. Choose your own schedule: This is the best way actually. In college, you may choose your own schedule. Be wise about it. Disclaimer: ask your school if this is allowed. I don’t think every school offers this choice.
  2. Time- Management: It is always better to organize your time so you will not be flustered in meeting deadlines plus you can actually allot some time to relax.
  3. Avoid Cramming: Okay, I know this one is pretty hard. I sometimes do this but do your activities ahead of time so you can have more time for other things.
  4. Choose your friends wisely: Peers plays a big role in our school life so make sure to befriend reliable people. Avoid those lazy bums.
  5. Relax: And last but not the least, have time for yourself or your family. Allot a day off where you can de-stress yourself. Stress can ruin mental activity.