The Department of Education or DepEd in partnership with the Higher Education Institutions or HEIS are working on a program that will soon offer programs in the Alternative Learning System or ALS for out of school individuals who wished to enroll in a higher education.

To make sure that the Alternative Learning System curriculum is synched with the K to 12 Program, the Department of Education, through the Bureau of Curriculum Development or BCD launched the ALS-K to 12 Basic Curriculum that aims to empower individual learners by equipping them with education and to improve their lives to become an efficient and productive citizens.

DepEd Assistant Secretary for  Public Affairs and ALS G.H Ambat explained that the development of the ALS Senior High School is set to be completed by this year, 2018, to be rolled out by next year, 2019. Ambat highlighted the importance of adjusting the previous ALS Curriculum that will put a stop in the misconception between ALS graduates and graduates from the formal system by stating that they are true to their mandate that no learners should be left behind. Using this new curriculum, the ALS learners would have the same quality of education that would avail them of the four exits to K to 12: higher education employment, entrepreneurship, or middle-level skills development. This is to erase the notion that ALS takers and graduates are inferior compared to those who graduate in a formal school. The new curriculum provides equivalency options and alternatives similar from programs in formal schooling.

She also noted that the ALS-SHS will highlight “team teaching” with formal education of regular schools that offers SHS program depending on the exit preferred by the learners.

The ALS-SHS program under the K to 12 Basic Education Program is now currently being offered in formal schools both by DepEd schools and non-DepEd private schools and institutions, HEIs and technical and vocational institutions.